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Convoj Exceptionnel

When cruising along the roads of Europe, once in a while you drive by heavily loaded trucks. Perhaps a smaller ship in the cargo is transported towards open waters. These trucks are marked with the words “Convoi Exceptionnel”. Universal words with multi-dimensional meanings and connotations. Big words telling us about a heavy and valuable load.

Convoj's history is similar to the history of those ships. Ever since we started the band in 2004 we have worked hard resulting in blood, sweat and tears. In the beginning it all went so fast, perhaps a bit too fast; we were heavily hyped on the internet, dropped an EP and got to open for bigger acts (Black Rebel Motor Cycle Club, Cult Of Luna) while we were polishing the final edges of our debut album. Eventually the album was done but nobody would release it. Those who would could not afford it. The music business was in a crisis and no one could invest in us. We separated from our manager, who needed to concentrate on his work with Mando Diao. And now we stood there, all alone with a newly pressed recording and a debt to the recording studio.

We weren't only stuck in the slowest lane, the Autobahn was now, it seemed, closed for our “Convoi Exceptionnel”, and we were forced to take alternative and more bumpy roads. Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained and if you have built a boat, you have to let it sail. It is as simple as that. We gave our everything, we did not give up.

And finally we found Wonderland Records. With them we have now started a hand in glove relationship, sometimes so intimate that you can't tell who's hiring who; exactly the level of intimacy all relations should be on. So close, that if and when we encounter an obstacle we'll overcome it at the drop of a dime. But more importantly! - now the cargo is loaded with Indie Rock at its best. Indie Rock Exceptionnel.

See you on the road!


Promotion: Henrik Nyström/ Skiva Promotion AB, +46 (0)31-7001200 / +46 (0)70-761 81 86

Label contact: Sebastian Hess/ Wonderland Records. +46 (0)708-63 63 33. info@wonderlandrecords.com

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