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Söderut - Steg

Limited edition of 300 individually numbered copies of the debut album of Söderut entitled Steg.

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Emmon - Nomme

1st edition CD with signed and numbered sticker. The earlier you buy the lower number you get.

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Hearts of Black Science - The Star in the Lake

Debut album on Wonderland Records. Features a dozen potential hits.

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Swedish For Beginners - Facts And Fabrications

Debut album of Swedish For Beginners.

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Arvid - Andetag

Debut album of Arvid.

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Product image quarterhorse_theweightoftheworld.jpg

Quarterhorse - The Weight Of The World

Second album of Quarterhorse

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Product image emmon_closetwanderings.jpg

Emmon - Closet Wanderings

Second album from Emmon! Eleven hits, no misses, one electro queen!

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Product image convoj-exceptionnel.jpg

Convoj - Exceptionnel

Debut album of Convoj. Ten stunning tracks!

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Product image jesper-talkoftheweather.jpg

Jesper - Talk Of The Weather

Debut album from Jesper. 11 glorious tracks for you to enjoy, we certainly do!

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Product image thermostatic_humanizer.jpg

Thermostatic - Humanizer

Second album from Thermostatic.

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Product image universal_poplab_seeds.jpg

Universal Poplab - Seeds

The third full length album from Universal Poplab. Recorded at the Danish island of Läsö. Includes the hit singles Fame & Hate and On The Run and eight other splendid tracks.

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Product image UP_remixes.jpg

Universal Poplab - Uprising - The Remixes

Remix album of the very successful album Uprising. Features remixes by Zeigeist, Timo Räisänen and Andreas and the Chemicals amongst others.

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Product image markovic_adoreus.jpg

markovic - Adoreus

The debut album of Markovic. 10 tracks in all! All of them potential singles.The debut album of Markovic. 10 tracks in all! All of them potential singles.

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Product image thecircus.jpg

Various - The Circus

A non-profit collection of songs from various artists. All proceeds from this Wonderland Reocords release goes towards the benefit work of Faktum in Göteborg. They work with and support the homeless in Göteborg. All artists participitate without any monetary compensation.

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Product image thermostatic_joy-toy.gif

Thermostatic - Joy-Toy (2nd Edition)

The debut album of Thermostatic re-release! Now includes four extra tracks!

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Product image depressiveart_byebyedeareverything.jpg

Depressive Art - Bye bye, dear everything

Now you can order the debut album of Depressive Art album entitled Bye bye, dear everything. 

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Product image emmon_theartandtheevil.jpg

Emmon - The Art And The Evil

Wonderland records proudly presents The Art and the Evil- the debut album from the Swedish Queen of electro pop Emmon. On the album you will find electro pop at its best!

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Product image universalpoplab_uprising.jpg

Universal Poplab - Uprising

Finally the long-awaited album from Universal Poplab is here. Pop music with real content and a message.

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Product image thermostatic_joy-toy.gif

Thermostatic - JoyToy

The debut album of Thermostatic. 10 tracks to keep you dancing through the night!R


RE-RELEASE SOON AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER! Will include exclusive bonus tracks!

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Product image redlight_justaphase.jpg

Redlight - Just A Phase

The debut album of Redlight. 13 songs to remember all potential hits.

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Product image quarterhorse_itsnothing.jpg

Quarterhorse - It´s Nothing

The debut album of Quarterhorse. It features ten stunning songs, alternative country style!

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Product image dimbodius_whilewefall.jpg

Dimbodius - While We Fall

Debut album of Dimbodius released on EVENCO. Features the hits Hands Let Go and Half A Lover along with seven other amazing tracks.

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Universal Poplab - Universal Poplab

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