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Product image universalpoplab_fameandhate.jpg

Universal Poplab - Fame & Hate

First single from the Universal Poplab album Seeds.

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Product image markovic_makebeliever.jpg

Markovic - MakeBeliever

Second single from Markovic. Features three tracks, the single version of MakeBeliever, My Giant and the Cazuma Remix of Emo.

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Product image thermostatic_thebox.jpg

Thermostatic - The Box

The new single from Thermostatic. A taste of what to come on the second full-length album. The single includes a radio edit and a full version along with two remixes by Tiger Baby and White O.

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Product image emmon_rockdamour.jpg

Emmon - Rock D'Amour

Second single from the debut album The Art and The Evil. Includes two remixes, radio edit and the original version.

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Product image universal_poplab-fire.jpg

Universal Poplab - Fire

Third single from Universal Poplab's album Uprising. Includes a remix by Andreas and The Chemicals and a live version of Dice Roller.

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Product image markovic_crayons.jpg

Markovic - Crayons

The debut single of Markovic. Includes the b-side Killer and a Casiotone based remix of Crayons apart from the single mix of Crayons.

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Product image emmon_wakeuptime.jpg

Emmon - Wake Up Time

Debut single of Emmon. Electropop with attitude.

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Product image depressiveart_onsolidground.jpg

Depressive Art - On Solid Ground

Depressive Art´s debut single on Wonderland Records. It features three tracks. Two of the are taken from the forthcoming album Bye bye, dear everything out in February 2007.

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Product image universalpoplab_heartapart.jpg

Universal Poplab - Heart Apart

The second single from the forthcoming album Uprising. Features mixes by Timo Räisänen and Paul Lachenardière.

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Product image quarterhorse_alina.jpg

Quarterhorse - Alina

The new single Alina from Quaterhorse. A perfect sample of what to come on the second album.

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Product image universalpoplab_icouldsayimsorry.jpg

Universal Poplab - I Could Say I'm Sorry

The first Universal Poplab single released on Wonderland Records. Universal Poplab is back with another hit. Included are remixes by Jens Lodén and Thermostatic as well as the B-side Vampire In You.

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Product image thermostatic_privatemachine.gif

Thermostatic - Private Machine

One of two Thermostatic singles released the same day, this one features remixes by Mesh and a previous unreleased track!

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Product image thermostatic_soclosesonear.gif

Thermostatic - So Close So Near

One of two Thermostatic singles released the same day, this one features remixes by Universal Poplab and a previous unreleased track!

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Product image dimbodius_halfalover.jpg

Dimbodius - Half A Lover

Second single from the debut album While We Fall. Features two stunning non-album songs.

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Product image dimbodius_handsletgo.jpg

Dimbodius - Hands Let Go

First single from the debut album While We Fall. It features two superb non-album tracks!.

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Product image universalpoplab_diceroller.jpg

Universal Poplab - Dice Roller

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Product image universalpoplab_casanovafall.jpg

Universal Poplab - Casanova Fall

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Product image dimbodius_notloveep.jpg

Dimbodius - Not Love EP

Debut EP of Dimbodius.

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